Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A BARCEPUNDIT READER, Moose, sends this hypothetical letter from a newspaper editor to a cartoonist. It's funny:
Dear contributor:

Although it has never been this newspaper's policy to make editorial suggestions or impose limitations on its contributors (except of course under the dark days of the PP when we had to severely limit stories criticizing Aznar and his government to the front page headline area) I would like to make the following suggestions regarding your cartoon for next week's edition. It is my opinion that your recent contributions addressing such issues as the negative side of excess immigration, the failures of the social security and public health care system (for which I personally rallied during many years), the numerous useless public works projects, the lack of fear that criminals have in our judicial system and the unproductivity of our nation's workforce are not in tune with our paper's readers.Your next cartoon should deal with more relevant and important issues.

Therefore I propose (and these are just after all are the artist --- and trust me I know how tough that can be with the horrible lack of government subsidies)
  • A cartoon showing George Bush (unelected president of the United States of AmeriKa)
  • His monkey like features should be exaggerated and he should be depicted as a puppet
  • Maybe he's performing inside an oil barrel (just thinking out loud)
  • And looming over him will be his puppet master who should have exaggerated Jewish facial features (large nose? bushy eyebrows?)
  • Just to make sure the puppet master is not confused with someone from this nation's royal lineage or a Roman, place a Jewish star on the jacket (must be wearing a suit jacket)
  • You might want to write "Israel" or even "Zion" inside the star if space permits. Also, some generic laughter might be nice. (maybe try to make the "ha ha " look like Hebrew letters?)
  • You may want to include a caricature of Sarkozy also (maybe tossing coins at Bush?) Consult photos in all our previous editions during the French elections to get a good idea of how our readers see Sarkozy, make sure he has the same evil Jewish sneaky look we tried to communicate to our loyal readers. Make sure he's looking over his shoulder.
  • You may also want to include the photo from the Azores (and have Aznar saying "he is my friend" or something similar) Including the photo may be difficult since although we constantly refer to it in our editorial pages and headline articles as something that has destroyed Spain's international one else in the world paid any attention to the photo, so that may limit your chances of having the cartoon picked up by English newspapers or Reuters.
I look forward to reviewing you work.

your editor
As they say, heh.