Saturday, December 30, 2006

CAR BOMB explodes in Madrid airport following a phone warning; it has the hallmark of ETA all over the place.

Spanish media reports there were two people slightly injured; the car blew off 30 minutes before the time the called announced it would. Again, this is the modus operandi of ETA, though the caller didn't say he was calling on behalf of the Basque terrorist group.

I'd say the cease-fire is now officially ended.

UPDATE. Pro-Socialist government newspaper El País says the called did claim he was calling on behalf of ETA (link in Spanish).

UPDATE II. Back in from a lunch with friends, and I see the toll has changed: it's 4 people injured and 1 missing. Authorities think he may be under the rubble (link in Spanish)

The News Buckit:
Yesterday: Spanish/socialist/appeaser PM Jose Luis Zapatero explains how his government is doing a great job keeping Spain safe from domestic terrorists, namely ETA. How? By working with them, of course.
"Are we better now with a permanent cease-fire or when we had bombs, car bombs and explosions?" Zapatero asked. "This time next year we will be better off than we are today," he said. [Is that a New Year's resolution?]
Today (Day 1 of "Next Year"): A car bomb has gone off at Madrid's Barajas airport, likely in violation of the "permanent" cease fire with the terrorists.
Worthnoting a real shocker said by Zapatero in that year-end press conference yesterday. When he was saying that things were better now with ETA's cease-fire, he asked: "Isn't it true that things are better now than they were a few days ago, when there were tragic accidents?" (emphasis mine). Tragic accidents: it's how Zapatero calls terrorists murders. Friggin' unbelievable.

UPDATE III. CNN+ (CNN's Spanish sister network) reports now (live broadcast, no link) that police are searching for a second missing person. The first one, an Ecuatorian 19-year-old citizen, is also still missing.

UPDATE IV. Iberian Notes:
ETA has intentionally made Zap look like a complete moron, since last night he gave his year-end speech and said he was "convinced" that the negotiations with the terrorist gang "would be going better than now" within a year. To quote La Vangua on page 13 today, "Zapatero made a commitment to the citizenry that guaranteed the continuity and advance of the peace process, a continuity that did not seem so clear a few weeks ago."

This is going to mean a big hit to Zap's reelection chances; expect a several-point swing to the PP in the next surveys with only a year or so left before the next general election. I think he's a one-term accidental prime minister, a Spanish Jimmy Carter.
I wouldn't count on that; they'll find ways to blame the Popular Party because they weren't supporting the negotiation with ETA.

UPDATE V. Zapatero is delivering a statement on TV, live. He says he entered negotiations with ETA under the condition that all violence by the Basque group stop. Today's bombing is radically incompatible with that, and therefore he says he has instructed to immediately break any contact with mediators and therefore the negotiation has ended. (liveblogged) It's the first time I've seen Zapaterlain a little firm and resolute. About time.

Now he's taking questions from reporters; he confirms, essentially, that the so-called peace process (a dumb label, because there was no war, but a terrorist group killing people) has arrive to an end.

UPDATE VI. The second person missing is also a young Ecuatorian; apparently the two guys were taking a nap in the same parking lot where the bomb exploded off.

Also, I'm waatching the images taken by the fire squad just after they arrived to the parking, which more than a lot was a multi-floor parking. Thank g*d there was a warning call, because it would have been a massacre: three levels are completely collapsed.