Thursday, October 26, 2006

THE HALLIBURTON-BUILT concentration camps reeducation centers seem to be finally working, says Confederate Yankee, if you look at this CNN poll (oddly under the "Broken Government" section):
Most Americans do not believe the Bush administration has gone too far in restricting civil liberties as part of the war on terror, a new CNN poll released Thursday suggests.

While 39 percent of the 1,013 poll respondents said the Bush administration has gone too far, 34 percent said they believe the administration has been about right on the restrictions, according to the Opinion Research Corp. survey. Another 25 percent said the administration has not gone far enough.

Asked whether Bush has more power than any other U.S. president, 65 percent of poll respondents said no. Thirty-three percent said yes. Of those who said yes, a quarter said that was bad for the country.
A quarter of 33% is slighly more than 8%: that's the number of people who think it's bad.

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