Monday, April 10, 2006

PRODI WINS the Italian elections, if the first exit polls are confirmed.

UPDATE. Don't kill Berlusconi just yet: Stefania Lapenna, reporting on the election for Pajamas Media, says that the first official results put him almost in a tie, and even ahead of Prodi in certain key provinces (Lombardy); in Puglia too, but since it's a sparsely populated province it weighs less in the overall results. I guess many Italians are biting their nails right now. I have on righ now the first channel of the RAI -the public broadcaster- where you'd expect more information, but amazingly they only have inane daytime TV, with gossip and quiz shows; the last election flash was almost two hours ago, if I'm not wrong.

UPDATE II. According to the latest results, the Casa delle Libertà (Berlusconi) has taken the lead over the Unione (Prodi). Amazing.

UPDATE III. RAI has the official count as it becomes available.

UPDATE IV (April 11): new updates in a new post, since it's another day.

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