Tuesday, December 06, 2005

JUST LIKE last year, ETA has marked the Constitution day, which is a national holiday in Spain, with several bomb blasts:
Armed Basque separatist group ETA exploded five small bombs on motorways around Madrid on Saturday as Spain celebrated the 27th anniversary of its constitution with a ceremony in the parliament building.

The bombs went off at the side of three of Madrid's ring roads and one each on the motorway exits to Barcelona and La Coruna, said a source at Spain's anti-terrorist forces.

"Five bombs have exploded on roads around Madrid," the source told Reuters. "They are small and have caused no injuries."

It's the same day that a Spanish newspaper reported that ETA said that its cease-fire depends on Spanish government concessions, so today they're playing their hand. And they assume that concessions they're gonna get, after all they've got Zapaterlain on the other side of the bargaining table.

UPDATE. And it's also the same day that it was known that ETA has expelled six of its members for the sin of appaling for laying down the arms.

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