Tuesday, November 01, 2005

CHOPPIN OFF the head of stock market speculators is so far just a possibility, but running with a truck over a 8-year old's right arm for stealing some bread unfortunately isn't. Warning: the images are very disturbing (barretina tip: Golan)

UPDATE. LGF has this too.

UPDATE II (Nov. 2). Apparently there might be a more benign explanation; some people allege that it was merely some kind of street performance. Unfortunately I can't access the link since it's disconnected for the day because of excess bandwith (Barce-lanche? well, I guess LGF might have helped a bit...) Will keep you posted.

UPDATE III. The link works now, and it does seem that it's some street performance -a weird one, but not a punishment. LGF has a confirmation.

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