Sunday, October 30, 2005

US SOLDIERS are supposed to be targeting and killing Western journlists in Iraq in order to silence their voices so that the cannot report to the whole world the disaster happening there. But there's always some traitors among their ranks who refuse to follow the orders issued by the Pentagon's darkest corridors where the members of the neocon cabal meet and make decisions:
A U.S. soldier shot and killed one of three suicide bombers who attacked the Palestine Hotel complex before he could reach his intended target and that probably saved lives in the building, the military said Saturday.

The military also said the insurgents used small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades in their well-coordinated strike on the hotel complex, where many foreign journalists live and work.

Several people in the complex were wounded but all 17 people killed were Iraqis in the area at the time, the government said.

The attack involved three suicide car bombs. The first blew a hole in a cement wall protecting the complex. The second car exploded nearby as a possible diversion. Then a large cement mixer drove into the complex through the hole in the wall and exploded on a small road between the Palestine Hotel and the Sheraton Hotel, two 17-story buildings.

Video from a surveillance camera at the Palestine Hotel showed the cement truck was fired on by a U.S. soldier from inside the compound. Around the same time, the vehicle also was seen rocking back and forth before it exploded, possibly because it was stuck on barbed wire or had collided with a small concrete barrier in the road.

The military said in a statement that one of its soldiers had killed the driver before he could reach the front entrance of the Palestine Hotel, where the journalists are based.
Court martial him!

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