Wednesday, September 28, 2005

SINCE IT'S NOT the fascist Bush and his cronies, stifling dissent and muzzling the brave free press, I guess it's OK:
The administration representative in Guadalajara province, Juan Pablo Herranz, asked the media yesterday to stop reporting on the forest fire that killed eleven firefighters this summer. Herranz tried to hide behind the "suffering" that the news is causing to "some of the victims of the fire." Nevertheless, the relatives of some of the dead believe the administration's attitude is just one more sign of the administration's lack of concern for this tragedy, as they said in an open letter they sent to prime minister Zapatero last week. Herranz called for a "news blackout" so that the media would stop reporting on the fire, which "was terrible, and which I don't want to talk about anymore."
Poor baby.

Just imagine how would everyone react if anyone from the Bush Administration would've uttered such words on, say, the Katrina aftermath. Or if they had denied last weekend's protests because freedom of assembly, one of the most fundamental tenets of a liberal democracy, is "the most primitive form of protest, what with all the possibilities provided by 21st century society.". Take that, Cindy Sheehan!

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