Friday, September 23, 2005

FOR SOME, there are walls, and walls:
Spain to create its own Berlin Wall to stop immigrants

22 September 2005

MELILLA — Spain announces it is to make its frontier fence with Morocco as high as the Berlin Wall after 12 men are badly injured trying to get across existing fences into Melilla.

In all 70 tried to break through the three metre-high fences which are topped with row upon row of barbed wire.

Twelve suffered broken bones, cuts and other injuries and were being treated in hospital.

One man was captured by TV cameras hanging from the barbed wire in apparent pain.

The latest assault came as Spain announced it is to make the frontier fences higher.

They will be the same height as the Berlin Wall.
Bad comparison, my friends; the wall is much more similar to Israel's. In both cases they're designed to prevent people coming in, whereas the Berlin Wall prevented people from going out. Besides, it'd make much more sense to compare it to a currently existing wall than to something of the past. But they still prefer to compare it with the non-existent Berlin Wall because comparing it to Israel's not only would be un-PC, but would leave exposed the hypocrisy of criticizing the latter while building higher and higher ones in our own countries.

More on this subject in a Guardian article sent by reader Tom Pechinski.

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