Friday, July 29, 2005

MY AMERICAN FRIENDS, you thought you'd be the only ones with a "leak scandal", didn't you? Well, turns out that we have our own "Wilson / Plame / Rove" kind of thing, this time over the journalistic revelations on the March 11 bomb attacks. Someone doesn't like that newspaper El Mundo has been publishing embarrasing information (such as this, this, this, this, this, this and this, to point out just a few, and don't miss the last one: "the wife of Syrian-born PSOE member and imprisoned terrorist Mouhannad Almallah in 2003 charged her husband with domestic abuse, and informed police about her husband's plan to blow up the Kio Towers office buildings in Madrid"; more here) so they're threatening the editor with jail unless he hands the judge all the information he has on the case.

In some cases it means that the internal code in documents and data DVDs originally given by the court to the affected parties and their attorneys will allow the judge to know who the leaker is.

Previous leaks published by El Pais, virtually the Socialist party house organ, which helped the Socialist government's case naturally were not theatened with prosecution (link in Spanish).

And of course, all usual suspects that have been blue in the face accusing the White House of intimidation to reporters for the alleged Rove manoeuvres (as you can guess, the issue is always explained the other way round, and with the gorevidalian conclusion that the US is a fascist country) are conspicuously mum on our scandal. For the administration-critic press here's no right to information and to protect their sources, apparently.

See now why I'm using a nom de keyboard?

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