Thursday, June 09, 2005

ZAPATERO should take not of the "when in a hole" saying:
Two days after activist Pilar Manjón provoked enormous controversy by saying, "Siblings are not ETA victims," prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero told the Senate, in order to support dialogue with the terrorists, "Unfortunately, we cannot know the last wish of the victims of ETA terrorism, but peace would be the best homage we could render them."
Mikel Buesa, brother of murdered Socialist Fernando Buesa, indignantly reminded Zapatero that at last Saturday's demonstration he could have seen what people marked for life by ETA thought, in a reference among others to Irene Villa, a young girl who lost a leg to an ETA bomb. Mikel Buesa, spokesman for the Ermua Forum organization, said Zapatero's words were "frustrating, since they made it clear that he is not willing to change his policy of seeking a deal with ETA by one millimeter. That shows that he understood nothing about last Saturday's administration." In Buesa's opinion, the meetings Zapatero plans to hold with the victims after the Galician regional election "are nothing more than a façade to fool well-meaning people who still trust him."
UPDATE. Of course, what I meant in the 1st sentence was "ZAPATERO should take note"; I can't correct it there as it would disrupt the entry's URL.

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