Friday, June 03, 2005

WHEN HE'S RIGHT, he's right:
The Wall Street Journal. A People Scorned

June 3, 2005; Page A10

Attempting to build a new Europe without providing people with sufficient explanation has a price -- the French and Dutch "No" to the draft European Constitution. Failing to place our trust in the Western values and principles that define European identity has a price -- the distrust of all Europeans. Filling people's heads with speeches imbued with suspicion toward the United States (and a fear of economic reform and the free market) also has a price -- people's trust and confidence is eroded even further. What is more, who can really have faith in a European Council that constantly changes its opinion?
The article is originally on WSJ's subscribers only area, but the guys at Hispalibertas (where the link comes from) have it in full; you can read the rest there.

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