Sunday, June 05, 2005

AN IMPRESSIVE image of yesterday's protest in Madrid against Zapatero's move towards negotiating with ETA.

From several emails I have received I have learned that there's some confusion with some images (see the first one at Gateway Pundit; the second is correct): they belong to another demonstration, also yesterday but in Bilbao (link in Spanish), by Batasuna, the party which was banned by the Supreme Court for its ties to ETA. They were, of course, marching for the negotiation, not against it.

UPDATE. More pictures, from within the crowd; a firsthand account here.

UPDATE II. Just wanted to clarify that the mangled images between both demonstrations is not Gateway's fault. It's from the MSM: see it on CNN, for example.

UPDATE III. Previous post, written on the same day of the demonstration, here.

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