Wednesday, June 08, 2005

GUN DIPLOMACY, literaly:
A cache of guns, bugging devices and other equipment has been discovered at Iraq’s abandoned embassy in Britain, the country’s newly appointed ambassador said on Wednesday.

Scotland Yard confirmed “a number of firearms” had been recovered from the embassy in an upmarket area of southwest London but declined to say when.

Dr. Salah Al Shaikhly told BBC radio the arms haul, which dates to Saddam Hussein’s period in power, included four machine guns, several Uzis and 10 handguns with silencers and had been found in one of the 20-odd safes at the embassy.

“It was amazing, you really despair when you know this kind of arsenal was kept at the Iraqi embassy,” Al Shaikhly said.
There were also several electric cattle prods, no doubt for protocolary pursposes (h/t: JBW).

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