Monday, May 16, 2005

ZAPATERO'S government seeks a negotiation with ETA, and its victims are understandably hopping mad. ETA responded to this Zapaterlain-ish offer with four bombs yesterday.

Way to go, man! Towards a second surrender, after Iraq!

More here.

UPDATE. Sorry, I forgot to mention why I mentioned that Zapatero's initiative was Zapaterlain-ish: not only for being willing to engage in talks with a terrorist group before it declares any intention to abandon violence (which is obvious after yesterday's bombs). But also because while in a campaign rally in Galicia, Zapatero criticized the opposition Popular Party for refusing to go along while he conspicuously failed to make a single mention of the bombs that had exploded just a few hours earlier (link in Spanish). Zapaterlain-ish, or simply childish and naif: grownups are perfectly aware that bad things don't go away by simply ignoring them.

If there was a mature democracy in this country, this would be entirely unacceptable.