Friday, May 20, 2005

YET MORE DETAILS emerging about the Syrian-born Spanish policeman who seems to be at the center of everything on the March 11 investigation (again, thanks to Fausta for the translation; scroll down for much more): The police found a document belonging to agent Kalaji at a locale used as “nerve center” for the 3/11 attack.
The police found during April last year a document belonging to policeman Maussili Kalaji at a residence that was used as “nerve center”, or center of operations, by the 3/11 attackers. The document is a “notification by the Deacon of the Madrid Courts of Law”, issued to Kalaji, and found at 11 Virgen del Coro Street in Madrid.

Maussili Kalaji’s the proprietor of the telephone shop where the cell phones used in the bomb knapsacks on March 11 were “liberated” [see prior posts]. Kalaji’s one of the most knowledgeable Spanish agents on Islamist cells operating in Europe, and had placed informants within the Islamist cells operating in Spain.

According to today’s story in El Mundo [available by subscription only], the apartment belongs to Syrian brothers Mouhannad y Moutaz Almallah, jailed for the Madrid attacks. In Moutaz’s case, the police considers him a very important operative within Al Qaeda, and speculates that he might have worked as liaison between the terrorist organization and the actual terrorists in the attacks. The police agent who “liberated” the 3/11 cell phones [i.e., Kajali] has explained that the document originates from the 1998 sale of a different apartment to Moutaz.

The Virgen del Coro location also housed two of the other accused, currently in prison for the 3/11 attacks, and one of the men who committed suicide in Leganés. According to a police report, the apartment “has been a center of operations for the groups and the people who took part [in the attacks]”.

Last March 21, Judge Juan del Olmo of the Audiencia Nacional [judicial chamber] had Mouhannad jailed under a charge of belonging to an armed gang. The Syrian had already been detained after the [3/11] attacks and released. Shortly after he joined the PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol, [the party currently in power]), which expelled him as soon as they found out he had been jailed. Moutaz had been arrested in London three days before his brother’s arrest.

Agent Maussili Kalaji acknowledges being in closer contact with Moutaz, which was corroborated by the finding of the document, which in turn was initially reported by the City FM radio station of Las Rozas, Madrid.

The “notification by the Deacon of the Madrid Courts of Law in the name of Maussili Kalaji" was found on April 27, 2004 in a blue folder that also contained documents regarding an apartment in del Mirto Street in Madrid that agent Kalaji sold Moutaz in 1998.