Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It’s been fun to watch the videos and read the accounts of President Bush’s trip to Georgia. I know that for those who do not like him, who - let’s face it - hate him, there is nothing charming in these pictures or videos, and his speech sounds like nothing particularly remarkable.

People who have lived in freedom their whole lives and do not even realize how their own liberties are being undermined look at President Bush and see…well, I don’t know what they see. A swaggering cowboy, fratboy, stutterer who can’t be glib or polished and doesn’t hide his desire to distance himself from the elites and bluebloods. They see a warmonger who “lied” because he believed everything his predecessor believed and did something about it. They see hundreds of thousands of people freed due to his vision and efforts, they see women becoming educated and winning formerly denied rights, and proclaim it all “not worth it,” and write silly plays about assassination and sneer about how they keep champagne in their fridge waiting for the day he dies.

But the people who have lived under a jackboot of totalitarianism and tyranny see someone very different, when they see George Bush. And they DANCE. And he dances with them.

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