Sunday, January 16, 2005

ONLY ZAPATERO and the gaffe man, Foreign Minister Moratinos, could award several members of the Morocco royal family and some high officials in the country's regime the highest civilian condecoration, as some kind of preparation for next week's visit to the North African country by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia (this is the link, in Spanish, to the official Moncloa presidential complex with last Friday's cabinet decisions)

It's not just that there are more than a few human rights related issues in the country; the shocking thing is this: do you know what's the official name of Spain's highest medal? It's (emphasis mine), the Great Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic.

Yes, that Queen Isabella: the one who expelled the Moors from Al-Andalus in 1492, ending the 7-century Reconquista.

What a diplomatic faux pas. Just an idea, King Mohammed: when you return the favor, you could award Zapatero and Moratinos the Great Crescent of Tariq ibn Ziyad. Touble is, they may even like it!