Thursday, November 11, 2004


Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huhuh huh
Where u at boy
Where u at boy
Ohh I've been callin u
night long and im becoming
best friends with the dial
tone cuz u not pickin up the
I called ya cell and ya home
and still i sit here alone
boy u got me wonderin where
u at where u goin and where
u been here i go again
dialin ya number thinkin how
u just wont pick up the phone
pick up the phone
pick up the phone
pick up the phone boy
pick up the phone
pick up the phone
pick up the phone
pick up the phone boy
pick up the phone
pick up
i kno u see me on ya caller
i.d. so pick up the P-H-O-N-E
pick up the phone boy
pick up the phone
I yiyiyi

C'mon, George, Pick Up the Phone:
"Spanish PM Phones, Bush Doesn't Pick Up
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

WASHINGTON — The White House has put out word daily of calls flooding in from around the world to congratulate President Bush on his re-election victory. But somehow, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero just hasn't been able to get his call past the switchboard.

Zapatero phoned Bush not long after his Nov. 2 win, but wasn't put through to the president. Now, more than a week after the voting, the two leaders still have not hooked up.

The White House explanation signaled something of a cold shoulder toward the Spanish leader, who angered the administration by withdrawing troops from Iraq just after taking office in April.

"I think that may be the case, that he has tried to reach out," Bush press secretary Scott McClellan said Wednesday. "Calls are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient. Some calls are able to be scheduled quicker than others."
As Michael Ledeen wouldn't say, "Slower, please". Bush has already spoken with leaders all over Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe; even with Chirac. But it's one thing to having had an opposing policy, and another deserting in the middle of the battlefield.

The news item continues:
Meanwhile, Bush met privately on Tuesday at the White House with Spain's former prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, who was a chief Bush ally in the war in Iraq."

UPDATE. Reuters has more.