Thursday, November 18, 2004

HOW GREAT it is to live in a country such a Spain, the new shining light in New Europe, where peace and tolerance are the road to the Alliance of Civilization espoused by Zapatero. Of course, unless it's about black football players:
England lost a football match last night but Spain shamefully lost something far more important; Spain lost their right to be considered a civilised footballing nation.
Only footballing? This is just one aspect, but not the only one. You cannot make monkey noises everytime a black English player gets near the ball and then pretend you're a regular, decent guy the very moment you leave the stadium.

UPDATE. The Scotsman:
Sports Minister Richard Caborn demanded action today after England’s black football players were subjected to racist abuse for the second night running when the national side played a friendly against Spain.

Mr Caborn condemned last night’s racial chanting against Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips and said he would write to his Spanish counterpart later today.

Black British players were also targeted in the Under-21 match between England and Spain on Tuesday night in Alcala de Henares.

UPDATE II. Yes, it's the Daily Mirror, a tabloid, but even so:
Large parts of the crowd made monkey grunts and sang racist chants whenever a black player touched the ball - with even a police officer seen joining in.
Read this too.

UPDATE III. Media silence in Spain, and I can attest that:
The majority of the Spanish press have chosen to turn a blind eye to the racist abuse dished out to England players during the friendly in Madrid on Wednesday night.
Of course, it's because some journalists feel the same as the fans; others just prefer the dirt under the rug, lest it seemed that this is not the po-mo, tranzi heaven we're supposed to live in.

UPDATE IV. Remember, International Olympic Committee members, when you vote for the city that will host the 2012 Olympics.