Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HAMED ABDERRAHAMAN AHMAD, better known as "the Spanish Taliban," was released from a Spanish jail on Monday after Spain's Supreme Court ruled that there was a lack of evidence against him. Actually, there was plenty of evidence against the man whom the Supreme Court declared had not been considered "innocent until proven guilty." But it came from the United States, a country that is always guilty until proven innocent. Thus, evidence collected at Guantanamo Bay, where Ahmad spent two years before being delivered to Spain, "should be declared totally void and, as such, non-existent."

Ahmad, who last year was convicted by Spain's High Court of al Qaeda ties and having "the aim of becoming a mujahideen (holy warrior) and carrying out Jihad (holy war)," announced after his release that he wants to become a truck driver. No deliveries for me, thanks very much.

Posted by Aaron Hanscom

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