Friday, September 09, 2005

ISLAMIC EXTREMISM IN EUROPE: an interesting interview on NPR with Gustavo de Aristegui about his latest book, Jihad in Spain, and Islamic terrorism in general.

De Aristegui is the son of the Spanish ambassador to Lebanon who was assassinated by the Syrians a couple of decades ago and one of Europe's (world's?) top experts in Islamism. Currently a member of the Spanish parliament for the Popular Party and likely Spain's Foreign Affairs minister (that's Secretary of State for you, Americans) if it wasn't for March 11 and Zapatero's victory. He makes Moratinos (Foreign Affairs minister right now) even more painful to watch, hear or read.

In the interview, de Aristegui has some concessions to political correctness about how Islam is a religion of peace, and so and so (hey, maybe that's a requirement to get interviewed on NPR!) but nevertheless it's really worth listening to.

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