Saturday, June 25, 2005

Have you heard the last one from that Spanish joke that we use to call Socialist Government?

Defense minister Jose Bono yesterday backed the possibility of removing the three references to the word "war" from the Spanish constitution before Parliament's defense committee.

[...] The second reference is in article 63.3; it reads, "The King has power, under previous authorization from the Cortes (both houses of Parliament), to declare war and make peace." Bono's reply was that since Spain belongs to the United Nations, the King cannot declare war and the Cortes cannot authorize it. According to the UN, "resorting to war to resolve conflicts is prohibited."

That's how it's done, you unilateralist Yanks! We've become a peaceful UN province without any sovereignty left inside our borders. You cannot imagine the level of happines a whole nation feels when it achieves this status. Oh my God, the more I read that paragraph the more I want to cry (and to get a GreenCard!). The GEES (Strategic Studies Group) tries to analyze this, eh, Bono Doctrine:

It is no easy task combating demagoguery with rational analysis. This is why it is so tough to refute the Defense Minister’s arguments –not from any strategic point of view, but from the level of simple common sense. Forming part of a long line of ridiculous ideas stretching back to before he was named Minister, José Bono yesterday proposed modifying the Constitution to eliminate any reference to war. It shouldn’t be long before Bono recommends changing Article 8 with the aim of dissolving Spain’s Armed Forces.
Guys! Don't give him ideas!!


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