Tuesday, June 07, 2005

AARON HANSCOM on the "Million Man March" in Madrid (I like the way he has christened last Saturday's demo against Zapatero's policy towards negotiating with ETA) makes a very good point which will probably clarify the puzzlement by so many people who don't understand why so many Spaniards appeased Islamic terrorism but are strong against Basque terror:
Of course, the country's unfortunate reaction to March 11 (voting the PP out of power) had a lot to do with anti-Amercanism. Many of the voters who flocked to the polls to vote the pacifist [Zapatero] (they call him "Bambi" by the way) into power were more interested in giving Aznar the finger for wholeheartedly supporting Bush's polices in Iraq than in defying terrorism. The reaction of Spaniards to Basque terror is purer because there just isn't any way to pin the blame for it on America.

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